The Generally Assembly, founded in 1948 as the Pacific Friends Assembly, is the main decision-making institution on Hopper Island. Since 1957, the Assembly consists of eight members. Generally, inhabitants who were hoping to become a member of the Assembly, consulted the Assembly, which then consented to granting him or her membership.

Membership Edit

Current membership Edit

By seniority in the Assembly:

  1. Sherman Hopper (since 1948)
  2. Bill Steinberg (since 1978)
  3. James Gilmore (since 1986)
  4. Elisabeth Rosen (since 1989)
  5. Emma Gotfelty (since 1998)
  6. Joachim Adler (since 1999)
  7. Olivia Black (since 2007)
  8. Drew Pidy (since 2012)

Historic membership Edit

By length of service Edit

Member of the Assembly Term begin Term end Length of service Seat number
Sherman Hopper 1948 11948-01-03 present Template:Number table sorting/positive69 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive227 days Seat 1
Cary Castenada 1948 21948-01-03 1989-01-12 41.009Template:Number table sorting/positive41 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive9 days Seat 2
Bertram Gilpatrick 1948 31948-01-03 1956-08-30 08.240Template:Number table sorting/positive8 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive240 days Seat 3
Rose Gilpatrick 1948 41948-01-03 2007-09-01 59.241Template:Number table sorting/positive59 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive241 days Seat 4
Joshua Hunter 1948 51948-01-03 1989-04-23 41.110Template:Number table sorting/positive41 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive110 days Seat 5
Lou Gilmore 1951-06-01 1979-08-02 28.062Template:Number table sorting/positive28 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive62 days Seat 6
John Holland 1951-06-01 1952-05-31 00.365Template:Number table sorting/positive0 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive365 days Seat 7
Mary-Anne Isaac 1953-07-01 1962-08-01 09.031Template:Number table sorting/positive9 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive31 days Seat 7
Francisco Van Buren 1956-09-07 1998-05-12 41.247Template:Number table sorting/positive41 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive247 days Seat 3
James Bennett 1957-09-01 1977-08-31 19.364Template:Number table sorting/positive19 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive364 days Seat 8
Eugene Rutherford 1962-10-03 1985-12-11 23.069Template:Number table sorting/positive23 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive69 days Seat 7
Bill Steinberg 1978-09-01 present 33.Template:Number table sorting/positive38 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive351 days Seat 8
Lewis Stuart 1980-10-01 2011-12-30 31.090Template:Number table sorting/positive31 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive90 days Seat 6
James Gilmore 1986-01-02 present 26.Template:Number table sorting/positive31 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive228 days Seat 7
Elisabeth Rosen 1989-02-26 present 23.1Template:Number table sorting/positive28 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive173 days Seat 2
Maurice P.G. Allen 1989-07-01 1999-01-01 09.184Template:Number table sorting/positive9 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive184 days Seat 5
Emma Gotfelty 1998-07-01 present 14.Template:Number table sorting/positive19 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive48 days Seat 3
Joachim Adler 1999-03-01 present 13.1Template:Number table sorting/positive18 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive170 days Seat 5
Olivia Black 2007-10-21 present 04.2Template:Number table sorting/positive9 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive301 days Seat 4
Drew Pidy 2012-01-30 present 0.1Template:Number table sorting/positive5 years, Template:Number table sorting/positive200 days Seat 6

Timeline Edit

James GilmoreBill SteinbergEugene RutherfordDrew PidyJoachim AdlerEmma GotfeltyElisabeth RosenJames BennettMary-Anne IsaacLewis StuartMaurice P.G. AllenOlivia BlackFrancisco Van BurenJohn HollandLou GilmoreJoshua HunterRose GilpatrickBertram GilpatrickCary CastenadaSherman Hopper

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