Hopper Island

Flag of Hopper Island

Name Hopper Island
Capital Coronado (de facto)
Official language(s) English (de facto)
Population 54
Map of Hopper Island (basic)

Hopper Island is a sole coral atoll and de facto independent micronation in the Western Pacific Ocean. The island and its 54 inhabitants, of which most have American roots, are notable for their voluntary isolationism.

Hopper Island had been uninhabited for at least centuries until the late 1940s, when Sherman Hopper, an American entrepeneur and veteran from World War II, bought the until-then unnamed island in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands on July 18, 1947. Since the United States Navy, which controlled the territory, never claimed or asserted control over Hopper Island, it has been de facto independent since 1947. When the neighboring Federated States of Micronesia became independent in 1979, Hopper Island was not included either. While at present it enjoys very little legal recognition, the micronation is considered a terra nullius that falls outside the jurisdiction of other nations and international organizations. Its inhabitants enjoy great personal freedom. The inhabitants live small communities with little technology and make a living by fishing and, more recently, catering for a limited number of tourists.

History Edit

See: Timeline of Hopper Island history.

Geography Edit

Hopper Island is a coral atoll with an enclosed saline lagoon in the middle. The strip of land around The Lagoon measures about one kilometer, except in the northeast, where it is much larger. Most of the land consists of dry marshes, that are practically useless for agriculture.

Most people on the island live in Coronado, which is on the northeastern edge of the island. Within the community, a distinction is made between Coronado proper and Coronado Beach. The latter includes the beach and boat docks, as well as the buildings on Ocean Street. Coronado is connected with Laguna, a small settlement at The Lagoon, by Utopia Road. A third settlement, Sunset Boulevard is located on the island's West End. There are only unpaved trails to Sunset Boulevard, so most visitors go by boat.