This is a timeline of Hopper Island history, comprising legal changes and political events, as well as sociological and cultural events, on Hopper Island.

20th century Edit

1940-1949 Edit

  • July 18 - Sherman Hopper bought Hopper Island.
  • July 18 - The South Pacific Mandate entered UN trusteeship as the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. The status of Hopper Island, previously part of the Mandate, was not specified.
  • August 1 - Sherman Hopper arrived on Hopper Island.
  • August 12 - Construction Hopper finished his first hut.
  • August 22 - Cary Castenada, one of Hopper's Navy friends, arrived on the island.
  • August 31 - Construction Hopper and Castenada finished the dock on the island's northeast side. They called it Coronado Beach, a reference to the city near San Diego, California.
  • September 14 - Construction Hopper and Castenada finished a second house, now the Beach House Library.
  • September 27 - Six friends arrived by boat. Two of them (Rose and Bertram Gilpatrick) remained on the island, while the others returned after one week.
  • September 30 - Construction Construction on a community house began.
  • November 2 - Construction After months of delay, due to shortage of timber, the community house was finished. The Gilpatricks immediately moved in. Joshua Hunter arrived the same day and also moved in.
  • November 8 - Construction The first dirt road, between Hopper's house, the dock and the community house, was finished. The first motorized vehicle, a 1944 Ford GPW, arrived by boat on November 13.
  • December 25 - The inhabitants of Hopper Island celebrated their first Christmas and agreed to proclaim independence on New Year's Day.
Flag of Hopper Island

The flag of Hopper Island, designed by Rose Gilpatrick, was based on the American thirteen stripes design.

  • January 1 - Hopper, Castenada, the Gilpatricks, and Hunter proclaimed the island independent and named it Hopper Island. The island had a permanent population of five people and counted four buildings. The flag of Hopper Island, designed by Rose Gilpatrick, was raised for the first time in Coronado.
  • January 3 - The five inhabitants formed the Pacific Friends Company, to which they conferred the ownership of the entire island. At the same time, they erected the Pacific Friends Assembly (later renamed General Assembly) that was granted the power to make and enforce rules and regulations. All five members were given voting rights in the Pacific Friends Company, and in the Assembly, and Hopper was given exclusive veto rights.
  • January 5 - The plan was made that about twenty more people would be invited to come to Hopper Island. More people were needed for fishing and various other works.
  • March 18 - Construction Three adjacent houses were built in anticipation of the new inhabitants.
  • April 2 - Construction Works on a dirt road leading from Coronado to The Lagoon began.
  • July 20 - Eight Americans, friends of the Gilpatricks and Hunter, arrived on Hopper Island, planning on living there permanently: Madeleine and William Smith, Olivia and Eugene Rutherford, Mary-Anne Isaac, Helen Saint-John, Robert Draper and Bobby Fitzgerald.
  • August 21 - Helen Saint-John and Bobby Fitzgerald left.
  • August 28 - Construction The Smiths finished their own Coronado house.
  • September 3 - Construction The Brit Albert Powell arrived on the island and immediately began building a cabin on Coronado Beach.

1950-1959 Edit

  • March 5 - Degree symbolAbilene Gilmore gave birth to a baby girl: Lesley West.
  • May 28 - The Assembly decided the resident population should not exceed 40 and announced an immigration stop. Population increases due to birth would be allowed.
  • May 31 - In protest against the immigration stop, John Holland decided to leave the Assembly.
  • June 5 - Patricia James and John Holland formally entered into a relationship.
  • January 17 - Degree symbolPatricia James gave birth to a baby son: Dimitri Holland.
  • February 8 - Two new community members arrived on Hopper Island, to allow the population to diversify: an Italian woman, Maria Russo, and a German adolescent, Joachim Adler. Russo, who was a midwife, became the island's nurse, midwife and nanny.
  • June 1 - Mary-Anne Isaac was admitted to the Assembly to fill Holland's empty seat.
  • June 12 - Construction The construction of a new community center - the first brick building on the island - was completed. Originally, there were a community hall, a restaurant and ten apartment flats in the two-storey building.
  • August 30 - Latin cross Bertram Gilpatrick died.
  • September 7 - Francisco Van Buren was made member of the Pacific Friends Assembly to fill up Gilpatrick's place. In exchange, Van Buren brought in a major investment.
  • October 2 - Rose Gilpatrick moved in with Sherman Hopper.
  • January 3 - Degree symbolAnnie Buchanan gave birth to a second baby girl: Anne-Marie Bennett-Buchanan. The island's population reached 40 again.
  • August 12 - Rose Gilpatrick reputedly broke up with Hopper and went to live in a house in Coronado Beach.
  • September 1 - A new seat in the Assembly was created. James Bennett took the position.
  • May 20 - An adolescent male from Belgium arrived on the island: Alain Dujardin.

1960-1969 Edit

  • January 18 - Degree symbolAbilene Gilmore gave birth to a second baby girl, more than ten years after her first: Grace Gilmore West.
  • February 1 - Construction Construction of the second hut at Sunset Boulevard was finished. Castenada, Hopper, the Rutherfords and the Smiths began to spend part of their days at West End.
  • July 23 - Tracy Kennedy and her son William Dutch left the island due to conflict with her partner, Rudolph Dutch.
  • February 2 - Construction Castenada finished the Sunset Boulevard project, including three huts, sanitary facilities, outside kitchen and paths between the beach and the huts.
  • March 5 - Pattie Gilmore and Louie Mather, both single, requested that they may bring a male friend to the island. The Assembly consented, to allow the population to rejuvenate.
  • June 30 - Ben E. Jefferson, a friend of Louie Mather, arrived on the island.
  • July 18 - Bill Steinberg, Pattie Gilmore's ex-boyfriend, arrived on the island. They immediately engaged in a relationship.
  • November 2 - Degree symbolPattie Gilmore gave birth to a second child: Jeremy G. Steinberg. Jemery's birth marked the last birth in a series that became known as the "Baby Boom" (1952-1966).
  • December 20 - Ben Jefferson and Louie Mather broke up. Mather decided to leave the island.
  • March 10 - Ben Jefferson decided to leave the island as well.
  • October 5 - Having noticed the end of the "Baby Boom" period, the General Assembly decided to invite four adolescents to the island. The upper population limit was raised to 50.

1970-1979 Edit

  • January 1 - Bill Steinberg was made a member of the Assembly, to fill Bennett's seat.

1980-1989 Edit

  • February 20 - Joe W. Wallace left the island for the United States.
  • May 2 - Due to a population decrease, the Assembly decided on inviting more people to the island. A family of four arrived: Lewis Stuart, his wife Joanna Usher Stuart, and their two little children Thomas and Gale.
  • October 1 - Lewis Stuart was made a member of the Assembly, filling Gilmore's seat.
  • October 1 - Latin cross William Smith died.
  • January 2 - James Gilmore joined the General Assembly, filling Rutherford's seat.
  • February 15 - Degree symbolGrace Gilmore West gave birth to a third daughter: Sarah Willows.
  • October 21 - The Marshall Islands attained independence.
  • November 3 - The Federated States of Micronesia attained independence.
  • January 1 - The General Assembly agreed upon allowing small numbers of tourists onto the island. By October 1987, one of the huts at Sunset Boulevard would be furnished to accommodate for one couple of tourists. It was also resolved that a new restaurant was to be build on Ocean Street and that the General Store on Utopia Road would be expanded.
  • January 28 - Twenty-three-year-old Sal Morgan arrived on the island, through a connection with Robert Draper.
  • July - New arrival Sal Morgan and Susan J. Steinberg, who was born on the island, became engaged in a relationship.
  • October 10 - The Assembly's goals from January were achieved.
  • November 2 - One couple of wealthy American tourists arrived on the island. They stayed at Sunset Boulevard and remained on the island for 5 days.
  • May 4 - Two Australian teenagers arrived on the island: Drew Pidy and Joaquin Rochester. For the first time, the permanent population on the island reached 50.
  • June - Sal Morgan and Susan Steinberg broke up. After a few days, Steinberg and Joaquin Rochester were revealed to be in a romantic relationship.
  • January 12 - Latin cross Cary Castenada died at Sunset Boulevard.
  • February 26 - Elisabeth Rosen took in Castenada's place in the Assembly.
  • April 11 - Latin cross Joshua Hunter died.
  • April 29 - Rose Gilpatrick moved back in with Sherman Hopper and they remained together until her death in 2007.
  • July 1 - Maurice P.G. Allen took up Hunter's seat in the Assembly.
  • October 1 - Laura P. McCandless, a New Zealand adolescent girl, arrived on the island through a connection with the Gilmore family.

1990-1999 Edit

  • April 7 - Degree symbolLaura McCandless gave birth to a second child: Emma Morgan.
  • October 1 - Palau attained independence.
  • June 24 - Degree symbolLaura McCandless gave birth to a third child and second daughter: Amy L. Morgan.

21st century Edit

2000-2009 Edit

  • January 16 - Dylan Martinson, a British-American widower, and his son Ryan, were invited to the island.
  • March 14 - Degree symbolHelena Willows gave birth to a baby girl, fathered by Benjamin Paterson: Kaitlyn Paterson.
  • September 1 - Under impulse of many people on the island, the General Assembly decided it would devise a plan to increase tourism, targeting very wealthy tourists who look for solitude and isolation from modern technology.
  • October 10 - Construction A souvenir shop on Utopia Road opened.
  • June 7 - Latin cross Joanna Usher Stuart died.
  • August 31 - Construction The General Assembly approved the construction of two luxurious tourist residences near the existing developments at Sunset Boulevard.
  • April 3 - Construction The construction of the Blue Pacific Resort began.
  • August 19 - In a ceremony in the Federates States of Micronesia, Ryan Martinson married the third of the Willows girls, Sarah.
  • September 1 - Latin cross Rose Gilpatrick died. As a consequence, Hopper became the only first-generation member still seated in the Assembly.
  • October 21 - Olivia Black joined the General Assembly to fill in Rose Gilpatrick's long-held seat.
  • April 5 - Degree symbolJane Willows, who had entered in a relationship with Hank M.J. McCain in 2006, gave birth to a baby boy: Tyler McCain.
  • April 20 - Construction The construction of the Blue Pacific Resort by a Chinese company was finished. The first guests arrived the next weekend.
  • December 25 - Dimitri Holland went to a hospital in the Philippines, where he was diagnosed with cancer. Having survived the disease, he went to a nursing home in California. His wife Anne-Marie Bennett-Buchanan accompanied him.
  • February - Jane and Hank McCain broke up; Tyler (whose last name was changed to Willows) stayed with his mother.
  • October 3 - Latin cross James Bennett died.
  • November - Hank M.J. McCain and Olivia Black became a couple.
  • December 14 - Doreen Sweetzer decided to leave the island and return to the United States.

2010-2019 Edit

  • January 30 - Drew Pidy joined the General Assembly to fill Stuart's seat.
  • March 11 - Elisabeth Rosen proposed to the General Assembly to abolish itself after the summer and erect a more democratic and demographically diverse assembly. The proposal was met with mixed reactions.
  • April - Sherman Hopper's health declined. He decided to stay at the Coronado community center, no longer planning to go out west every now and then.
  • June 2 - Sherman Hopper was diagnosed with severe throat cancer. The medical team from Australian expected he would die within two months.
  • June 9 - The Assembly decided to prepare for a major celebration on July 18, 2012 to commemorate that Sherman Hopper bought the island exactly 65 years before. The celebration will also function as a sort of farewell to Hopper.

People on the island Edit

Included are all people who stayed on the island for at least six months.

William MartinsonAaron GaroyianAva MartinsonTyler WillowsKaitlyn PatersonRyan MartinsonDylan MartinsonLuke S. BlackDoreen SweetzerHank M.J. McCainBenjamin PatersonJack WeinerNicholas T. BlackEmily Rosen-StuartEstelle H. MorganAmy L. MorganEmma MorganQuentin RochesterJohn C. MorganHannah RochesterLaura P. McCandlessJoaquin RochesterDrew PidySal MorganSarah WillowsHelena WillowsJane WillowsMaurice P.G. AllenGale StuartThomas StuartJoanna Usher StuartLewis StuartOlivia BlackSamantha HollandElly RosenAlexander Holland, Jr.Joshua BlackJoe W. WallaceTeresa VandewaterEmma GotfeltyJim BlackJeremy G. SteinbergSusan J. SteinbergBill SteinbergBen E. JeffersonGrace Gilmore WestWilliam DutchEdgar WillowsAlain DujardinAnne-Marie Bennett-BuchananJohnny Bennett-BuchananAlexander HollandSophie HollandLouisa RosenJoachim AdlerMaria RussoDimitri HollandLesley WestRudolph DutchJames BennettPedro G. WestJohn HollandJames GilmoreTracy KennedyPatricia JamesLouie MatherElizabeth WillowsElisabeth RosenAnnie BuchananFrancisco Van BurenAbilene GilmorePattie GilmorePeggy GilmoreLou GilmoreMary Bush TaylorAndrew J. LebowskiPatrick CraneJoseph LougheadAlbert PowellRobert DraperMary-Anne IsaacEugene RutherfordOlivia Gatsby RutherfordWilliam SmithMadeleine SmithJoshua HunterRose GilpatrickBertram GilpatrickCary CastenadaSherman Hopper